Colorado Ski Season Is Not Over Yet

Rick and Holly at Copper
Rick and Holly at Copper Mountain March of 09
Spring skiing in the Rockies is a little famous, and the season is still in full swing. I went up yesterday to Copper Mountain, one of my personal favorites, and was delighted with the snow conditions. We’ve had a little fresh snow, and the 6 inches or so they had gotten on Tuesday was still in very good shape. The reasons I personally love the spring skiing season are:

  1. The snow itself is usually its best shape for the season. March and April are our snowiest months, and we tend to get multiple storms per week this time of year (another one is due tonight!)
  2. The temperatures are perfect. January skiing can be a little cold for me sometimes (am I getting old?), but this time of year it is pretty common for the temperatures at the base to be just around freezing, and like yesterday, sometimes above, making the experience more comfortable.
  3. The sun is stronger. By this time of year, the longer days and better sun angle make the whole experience so cheery, and it is usually very comfortable to even eat lunch outside in the sun (providing you’ve got enough sunscreen on)
  4. The days are longer. It makes the trip home (when you daytrip like I do) much more pleasant. I even saw a large herd of bighorn sheep along the highway on the way home yesterday.

Closing day at Copper is April 18 this year.

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