Fun Isn’t Always Expensive

While my favorite sport, golf and skiing, are not exactly cheap, one of our other pastimes is watching movies (yes I’m a big Netflix fan), and Saturday night we learned a good inexpensive way to do that at the theater. The Picture Show at Citadel Crossing in southern Colorado Springs is a theater that specializes in taking movies that have finished in the mainstream theaters, and making them available on the big screen for a small price – $1.50 to be exact. No, the seats aren’t as nice as Cinemark, and the pop corn is just as pricey, but we saw Australia, which was gone from the theaters too quick to be able to catch it for us.
The other thing we discovered this weekend was Borriello Brothers Pizza, a New York style local operation that has been expanding. Their new store at Research and Powers makes a good replacement for Rotelli’s (who used to occupy their space), a nice little Italian place still functioning at some other locations, but no longer so close. I really enjoyed the 5 Boroughs combination, the thin crust and unique cut to the fresh Italian sausage was really good. We are normally Papa Murphy’s fans (the take and bake thing works for us), but this was a nice alternative, I’ll do it again.

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