Colorado Springs has many school districts. School districts are very important here. Because they affect your property taxes, they can also affect your re-sale prospects at times. Needless to say, they can definitely affect the quality of life of your children. School districts tend to mirror home prices, in that the districts with highest test scores also tend to have the most expensive homes (and highest property taxes). Another factor in choosing a school district can be the availability of schools of choice. Sometimes these can also be charter schools, which have unique entrance procedures (such as waiting lists or lotteries). Public ‘schools of choice’ can vary from science magnet schools, IB schools, performing arts schools, and a host of choices in between.

Comparing schools on an objective basis can be difficult. A good website to see how a school ranks is Niche which allows you to compare schools in all 50 states. It can be very helpful in comparing your current school system with that of an area of Colorado Springs you may be considering. The Colorado State Department of Education also publishes test scores for all schools and districts online.

For THE most current performance data on our schools, the Colorado State Department of Education is the best place to go. But from time to time we feature more in depth coverage of this in the blog, and some of the data changes surprisingly little.

In addition, I have published a post about the correlation of school test scores by district and the real estate prices of homes. Essentially, You Get What You Pay For.

Below we have links to all of the major school districts for your convenience.

Academy District 20 Website

Falcon District 49 Website

Lewis Palmer District 38 Website

Colorado Springs District 11 Website

Cheyenne Mountain District 12 Website

Fountain-Fort Carson District 8 Website

Harrison District 2 Website

Manitou Springs District 14 Website

Widefield District 3 Website

Ellicott District 22 Website

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