We have many home builders active in Colorado Springs. Because price ranges and areas serviced change on a regular basis, we provide this directory as a ‘one stop shop’ of builders for our clients. This list is in no particular order, and the names are links to the builders own web site for further details on their inventory homes, neighborhoods, floor plans and price ranges.

While we have very good relationships with most of these builders, most have a policy that your Realtor must accompany you on your first visit, so PLEASE call Rick or Mary at 719-331-7675 or 719-421-9360 if you would like to visit any (or many!) of these builders for more information, or simply fill out the contact form to the right!

It is very important to have your own realtor to represent you when it comes to new construction. If you choose not to have your own realtor, you will be using the builder’s agent, whose best interests are that of the builder, not you! Your own agent can help negotiate the best price and even extras for your new build. They can also oversee inspections and help with financing. Financing directly through the builder may or may not be the best option for you. Check out why you should always have your own representation here