Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Colorado Springs area, real estate market, and more!

What school districts are in Colorado Springs?

Colorado is a school of choice state where you can essentially apply to any school you like, regardless of where you live. Being accepted will depend on if there are openings at that school and you may have to provide your own transportation. There are several major school districts in our area, and we have an entire page dedicated to schools in Colorado Springs!

Why use The Van Wieren Team?

Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible experience. Rick Van Wieren has been a licensed realtor for over 30 years in Colorado Springs and has extensive industry knowledge and experience. He is also on the school board for District 49 so he has a vast understanding of local schools. Mary Barkley, our buyer specialist is a veteran and military spouse and can easily empathize with our military clients. She is dedicated, enthusiastic, and ready to help you find your dream home! Megan Riley is also a military spouse and has extensive knowledge of marketing to help get your home sold! Client reviews about our team showcase our dedication to our clients and our efforts to provide the most seamless experience possible! Our motto is: Service.Integrity.Results!

What type of employment is available in Colorado Springs?

We are lucky to have quite a few major employers in our area and low unemployment rate! We have compiled a list of these major employers as well as other places to look for job openings.

How can I get approved for a mortgage?

The following lenders are people I have learned to trust after doing many, many real estate transactions. The buyer is of course free to choose any lender they wish, but be careful to deal with licensed, reputable, experienced lenders. The key to comparing lenders is to compare their Good Faith Estimates for the same time period. Separate quotes on separate days can be completely a function of moving money markets, not differences in quotes. In Colorado, all lenders must now be licensed.

John Haney, Colorado Mortgage Company, john@coloradomortgage.company , 719-357-6601

Debbie Havens, Cornerstone Lending, debbieh@houseloan.com, 719-648-6410

How is the real estate market in Colorado Springs?

We do monthly analysis of the most current real estate statistics and market conditions for the Colorado Springs area. As an overview, home prices continue to rise and our area still struggles with a lack of inventory, especially in the more affordable price ranges. Please visit our market conditions page for more detailed information.

Where can I find rentals?

There are numerous resources to find rentals in our local area. Please visit our Rentals page to find a list of rental resources.

Where can I search for homes?

There are several places to search for home to buy. Take a peak at our own personal listings or visit our easy-to-use free site to find the most current homes available!