Senior Resources

Are you looking for senior resources in Colorado Springs? We have some great resources available to you! We can help whether you are trying to increase cash flow, determine housing options, move to a more suitable home, or even to a community.

Housing Options

Looking at different housing options as you or someone you love ages? Jim Ver Meer of Senior Living Decisions can help you decide which strategy is the best for you unique situation!

Seniors in Colorado, and their families, are encouraged to contact me for consultation when considering a move to living (housing) options that provide more assistance to seniors – Jim Ver Meer

Financial Options

Stressed about money as you enter your senior years? Do you or your loved one need money for home health care, modifications, or a move to a new place better suited for your needs? John Haney of Colorado Mortgage Company may be able to help! Whether you want to refinance or do a reverse mortgage, he can help you access your home equity to provide cash flow in your time of need.

Downsizing Help is a free site dedicated to providing accurate, useful information to help today’s seniors fulfill their retirement goals.

Here is a link to their step-by-step guide to downsizing for seniors or those working towards retirement. They cover everything from finances and moving logistics to coping with the emotions that come from parting with a family home.

Buying/Selling Your Home

Do you need to sell your home to find something smaller, no stairs, or with handicap access? We can help! The Van Wieren Team is here for you! We have plenty of senior resources in Colorado Springs. Please contact us so that we can find you the perfect home that fits all of your needs!