New Home Communities

MOST new homes in Colorado Springs are built in developed subdivisions. While there are exceptions, and the following communities are not an exhaustive list of new developments, this is a useful guide of areas where many of Colorado Springs new homes are being built. Most new home builders in Colorado Springs can be found in one or more of these subdivsions. The areas listed are generally larger subdivsions, where the developer or HOA has included a web site with more details.

Northeast / School District 20

Flying Horse

The Flying Horse Ranch is a major golf course and recreational community developed by Classic Homes (but featuring many other builders), covering much of the Northgate area. Prices generally start in the $400’s, and can exceed $1,000,000.

For a video flyover of this community, click HERE


Cordera is a major recreational community (with pool and clubhouse), on the east side of Powers (north of Research). Keller, Vantage, Campbell and Saddletree are the featured builders here, and prices start in the mid 300’s.

Wolf Ranch

Wolf Ranch is a major development, and while it does have a small clubhouse, there is no pool, and dues are on the more reasonable side. Prices start in the mid $300’s

For a video flyover of this community, click HERE

Cumbre Vista

Cumbre Vista is a smaller community, with only 2 builders (Classic and Keller), and is located at the south eastern edge of District 20, near Woodmen and Powers. Prices start in the upper $200’s

Stone Crossing

Stone Crossing is a small neighborhood, but with some gorgeous lots, and views. It is located off Voyager Parkway in the Northgate area. Prices start in the mid to upper $300’s.


This is a small section just north of New Life Church, served mainly by Challenger Homes and Richmond Homes, starting in the low $200’s

Greyhawk Estates / Northgate Estates

This area is just north of the Flying Horse Ranch, served mainly by Richmond and Challenger Homes, starting in the upper $200’s

Eastern Plains / D49

Stetson Hills / Indigo Ranch

This is a large area serviced primarily by Classic, Challenger and Campbell Homes. Prices start in the low $200’s, but can range much higher in spots.

To views a detailed flyover of this community, click HERE

Forest Meadows

This is a mid sized development with no frills, but minimal HOA dues. Prices start in the low $200’s, and some of the builders include Legendary, Richmond, Journey Homes, Todays Homes and Aspen View.

To visit our own webpage on this community, click HERE

Banning Lewis Ranch

The Banning Lewis Ranch is the largest development in the history of Colorado Springs, covering an enormous swath of land from Woodmen Road all the way to south of the airport. Prices start in the low $200’s, and it has amazing recreation and school facilities. There is a large variety of builders here.

Woodmen Hills

Woodmen Hills is a large recreational community east of Meridian Road, with remaining construction in the low to mid $200’s

Meridian Ranch

Meridian Ranch is a large golf course and recreational community, and  boasts the longest golf course in the state. It is located east of Meridian, and prices start in the upper $200’s.

For a detailed flyover of this community, click HERE

Lorson Ranch

Lorson Ranch is a large, very new, affordable community southeast of the Colorado Springs airport. Homes start in the upper $100’s.

For a detailed flyover of this community, click HERE

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