We’ve compiled a few special ‘Tours’ of the area to help provide an overview of the neighborhoods and geography of Colorado Springs. These tours use Google Earth. if you are unfamiliar with it, please Click Here for instructions.

Colorado Springs Overview Tour –  This tour is a great starter for newcomers to the Springs. It gives you the high points, and helps you determine what areas you may want to come back and explore more on your own. Includes places like Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Downtown areas, Broadmoor Hotel and more.

Briargate is at the North end of Colorado Springs, for many it is where Colorado Springs starts when approaching from Denver. It is home to most of school district 20, and has many new, fast growing neighborhoods, and LOTS of shopping and restaurant opportunities. It is very popular because of conveniences, and there lots of great views. Briargate is also home to many large employers such as Focus on the Family, USAA, T Rowe Price and more. Prices in the Briargate area start in the upper 300’s for older, smaller single family homes, and are over $1 million for the custom construction on premium lots in Pine Creek. Our RE/MAX Properties Chapel Hills office is also located in Briargate, and it is where we usually meet when beginning the house hunting process.

Northgate is immediately north of Colorado Springs, in school district 20. It is one of the fastest growing residential, commercial and industrial areas, and has great diversity of housing options, including treed and untreed area, views, some very exclusive areas, and some very affordable ones. It is home to many of our larger employers such as Fedex, Progressive Insurance, Oracle, Realtime Logic, etc. It includes places such as the Air Force Academy, Flying Horse Ranch, New Life Church,  and more!

The Trilakes area is 10 miles north of Colorado Springs along I25, in school district 38. It is one of the fastest growing residential and commercial areas, and is very popular with people who need to have access to both Denver and the Colorado Springs job markets. Lots tend to be larger in this area, there are more trees, and some great views.

We also have a ton of information on New Construction Neighborhoods for your convenience.

Instructions for using Google Earth

These tours require that you have Google Earth installed. To download a free copy, click here: Earth is a very comprehensive program, and we cannot provide technical support for it, however we’d love to answer any questions we can about how to make your tours as beneficial as possible, and answer questions about Colorado Springs itself. Please feel free to call Rick Van Wieren 719-590-4768, or email

Once you have Google Earth installed, we recommend you change a couple of settings. Inside the Google Earth program, Go to the Tools menu, and select Options. Under Options, select Touring. Under Touring, check the box that says Show Balloon When Tour is Paused. Additionally, you should change the Tour Pause setting to 10 seconds or more (longer if your computer or connection is slower) so you can read the captions. After you have changed the settings mentioned above, your should also make sure under the Layers tab (on the lower left side of the screen) that Roads, Terrain and Community Services are checked, to help put the tour in context for you, and to show school district boundaries.

When these steps are complete, click on any of the tours listed above . When asked to Open or Save, select Open. The tour will be loaded into Google Earth’s temporary Places folder. You can use the normal Tour Play and Stop controls (please consult Google’s help facility to access these), and can pause the tour at any time by clicking the terrain. You can interrupt the tour and take the controls at any time as well. When you are exiting the program, Google Earth will ask you if you want to save your temporary places. If you say yes, you will have a whole library of places in Colorado Springs you can tour any time. Enjoy!

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