Colorado Springs was recently rated #2 Best Place to Live by US News and World Report. It is a very popular relocation destination, due to it’s reasonable cost of living (usually just below the national average), mild, dry climate, central location, friendly people, and gorgeous scenery and recreational opportunities. Money Magazine and Men’s Fitness Magazines have both rated Colorado Springs the #1 place to live in recent years as well.

After 30 years of selling real estate in Colorado Springs, I found people relocating here tend to fall into 1 of the following categories:

– Looking for a change of life– retirement etc in a dry, relatively mild, affordable climate
– Looking for a great, affordable place to raise a family, or be nearer to family and friends who are here
– Looking for a place with lots of outdoor recreational opportunities
– Transferring here with the military, or a military technology contractor
– Transferring here with a civilian employer

Regardless of why people come here, they usually stay because of the gorgeous vistas that greet us every day, usually mild (yet interesting!) weather, and the people they get to know.

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Interested in how the Cost of Living in Colorado Springs compares with your town? Try this handy Cost of Living Calculator from CNN / Money / Fortune.


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