6 Reasons to Purchase Property in Colorado Springs

Guest Blog by: Abby Golder ( abbygolder@gmail.com )

The up-and-coming city of Colorado Springs has so much to offer potential residents! From beautiful weather year-round to tons of amazing outdoor activities to enjoy, this mountain city is perfect for anyone looking for a fresh start. If you’re on the fence about moving to the area, consider these six reasons to purchase property in Colorado Springs.

Property Values are Increasing

The real estate market in Colorado Springs has been strong for months, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing. Increasing property values are an indicator of the area’s rise in popularity for homebuyers. And that means that your property will only increase in value after you purchase it! That makes buying a home in Colorado Springs is a great investment.

It’s a Seller’s Market

While this might be a reason you would avoid purchasing property in an area, it’s in fact a great reason to purchase right now. The rise in property values across the city, combined with the decrease in available properties make Colorado Springs a perfect opportunity to purchase property sooner rather than later. Not to mention, this trend could continue for the foreseeable future.

So, while sellers might seem to have the advantage in the Colorado Springs market, buyers could benefit from the competitive nature of the market later on, especially if they decide to sell! If you’re considering a property purchase in Colorado Springs, keep this in mind and make sure your offers are competitive.

Colorado Springs is Growing

Did you know Colorado Springs was ranked among the nation’s top 10 cities for job growth last year? That means this amazing city is on the rise! The city saw a 5.5 percent gain in jobs in 2018 – an increase by more than 16,000 jobs. And jobs aren’t the only area in which Colorado Springs is growing. The city is expected to surpass Denver as the state’s largest city within the next 15 years. And the city has invested more than $670 million dollars into improving the area’s housing, dining options, and major cultural attractions, making the future of Colorado Springs that much brighter.

The Location is Prominent

Nestled next to the Rocky Mountains in the middle of Colorado, the amazing location of Colorado Springs means you’ll be surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The city is home to a variety of wonderful hiking trails, from the amazing Garden of Gods, which is filled with natural sandstone sculptures to the mountain views from Pikes Peak, one of the most hiked mountain trails in the country.

The Weather is Temperate in Comparison to Other Colorado Cities

The city’s location near the Rocky Mountains creates an amazing environment for a temperate climate. The city sees an average of 300 sunny days a year and even the winters are mild, with average temperatures hovering in the 40s. The city sees much less snow than nearby cities, like Breckenridge and Aspen, which means home upkeep in this area is so much easier than in other cities. In addition to avoiding damage from precipitation, summer home maintenance is also a breeze! Simply wash your windows, clean out your gutters and clear the leaves from your yard to have your home summer ready in no time!

It’s a Perfect Place to Raise a Family

One of the most important factors when families consider a move is the area’s school districts. And families will be happy to know that Colorado Spring’s school districts are some of the best in the state. In addition to wonderful primary and high schools, students also have a selection of great colleges to choose from in the area, including the University of Colorado’s Colorado Springs campus and the Air Force Academy. The city also has plenty of family-friendly activities to keep your family busy throughout the year. From the Cheyenne County Zoo to the Dinosaur Resource Center, there is no lack of entertainment for the kids in Colorado Springs.

With all these amazing characteristics, what are you waiting for? There is no better time to purchase property in Colorado Springs and take advantage of everything this wonderful city has to offer!

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