A Good Week For Colorado Springs

This morning’s news had a lot of positives in it for Colorado Springs, and Colorado in general (kind of unusual for the news loop, eh?), and I thought it might be nice to highlight some of it here.

  • Sports – The Nuggets are in the NBA playoffs, and Rockies are off the best start of their history at 8-2. While many people are not into sports, winning teams can provide a nice lift to fans, and that is a good thing!
  • Jobs – The news seems pretty upbeat these days about job prospects, and while we won’t know for sure where we stand for March unemployment locally (it was 10.2% in February), the expectation is for a further reduction in unemployment and increase in Colorado Springs jobs
  • Real Estate – I had a closing this week! Ok, not front page news, but the fact is that sales jumped radically from February to March, and activity continues to be strong. In addition, the “F” word (foreclosure) actually seems to be shrinking as a problem, with a decrease of 20% from last year. While the recession isn’t over, things are getting better. Look for April to be another strong month for Colorado Springs real estate sales.
  • Weather – We’ve had a very dry winter, and last night, a great rain storm came in (it is still raining lightly as I write this), and it is RAIN not snow. How good does it get? 🙂 Nature is coming back to life with flowers beginning to bloom, trees budding, etc. I love spring in The Springs!

With all this good news, have a great weekend!

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