Annual Colorado Springs Home Values Report Released

There are lots of ways that home values get reported in Colorado Springs. Many of us as agents track this tightly, the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors definitely makes a major effort, and the El Paso County Assessors office takes its own swing at the issue. But this is one area where I really have to tip my hat to our only daily Colorado Springs newspaper, The Gazette.

Today they released their annual Home Values section. I like this particular section, because it is probably the most in-depth look at housing values at a neighborhood level that we ever see without doing it ourselves. They include the assessors office data, and they identify foreclosure information, too often overlooked in other analysis. I don’t always agree with the way they break down the neighborhoods, there can be a huge swing in the number of homes they include in each, but none of this kind of work is perfect.

Their numbers correlate with, but don’t match, prior analysis released by PPAR. They show prices fell 8% during 2009 (compared to 6.2% reported by PPAR). The online version of the report is very interactive, enjoy playing with it! The Gazette’s Online Annual Home Values Report

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