Big Snow Storm Mostly Misses The Springs

After dire forecasts of 8-12″ of snow for Monument and slightly less for the Springs, Winter Storm Warnings and the like, a lot of kids (and teachers!) were upset to be in school after all yesterday, when less than 1/2 the forecast amounts fell in most spots, and the warm roads refused to keep any of it. It was still fun to see it snowing, and we know there is plenty more where that came from. Next time we won’t be so lucky with the roads melting it off, the nights are getting colder with each passing day! We were very lucky not to experience what Denver did, where 40,000 + customers were still without power this morning when snow heavy trees that still had their leaves, snapped and fell on power lines.
While today’s 40’s are unlikely to melt off all of the 4 inches or so we got in Monument, this weekend’s 60’s should do the trick 🙂

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