Broncos Fans Still in Shock

This is not a sports blog, or a football blog. But sometimes regional sport franchises have an impact that somewhat transcends the arena, and affects the overall sense of well being of a community. That was the 2012 Denver Broncos.

It really all started last year, when Tim Tebow was given the starting quarterback job, and they made their miraculous run into the playoffs. The came the off season trade of Tebow, who was revered  and loved by many (including myself), when Peyton Manning was brought in with a NFL record setting contract. Then came the actual season, when the Broncos seemingly could do no wrong after the first few weeks, going 13-3 and winning the top seed and home field advantage. The Peyton Manning deal seems to have been worth it. Only to be followed by Saturday’s heart breaking loss to the Ravens in double overtime.

It’s still the main topic of conversation in Colorado Springs, and really all over the region. Whose fault was it? How could it have happened? What about next year? Who will be fired for it? How could they pay one player so much, only to be eliminated at the same place in the playoffs? The questions are endless, as are the opinions. It was the coaches, it was the quarterback, it was the defense, it was the kicker, it was the refs, it was the weather, it was everybody. There will be plenty of blame to go around.

But come next year, we Broncos fans will be cheering them on again. Because more than the disappointment of last Saturday will be the memory and excitement of what could have been, and might still be – next year.

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