Christmas in Colorado Springs

The Christmas Season is in full swing in Colorado Springs. To start with, I need to dispel a misconception that Colorado Springs is THE place to come for a white Christmas. Not to be a Grinch, but we seldom have snow on the ground at Christmas in the Springs proper. To be truthful, we save MOST of our snow for the mountains to west of us, and really don’t get that much all winter season. Moreover, what we do get melts off pretty fast, so even if we are lucky enough to get some good snow before Christmas, it is likely gone by Christmas Day. It may be cold (or not), but is likely brown, with some blue skies to complement the look.

Like most larger towns, we have our share of public music performances, and at least to our family, we have to attend at least one or it isn’t Christmas. In past years we’ve seen wonderful work done at Woodmen Valley Chapel, we’ve done the Nutcracker ballet at the Pikes Peak Center. One year our kids chipped in on tickets for the TransSiberian Orchestra at the World Arena. New Life (our own church) has a production they do every other year called Wonderland. We will be going to that this year, although it has been scaled down a bit (one year they did it at the World Arena and it got a little ‘over the top’) We always love the Christmas Eve service. There are many other performances throughout the city as well, including at the Broadmoor Hotel (photo above), and Glen Eyrie Castle. For a more complete list of what is going on, check out The Gazette Music Section

Ski season ‘officially’ starts around Halloween most years, but it is Christmas break when most of the slopes tend to be 100% open and really ready for business. Some of the discount season pass programs black out the Christmas holidays for local passholders (it makes more room for those paying full price), but the true unlimited season passes are good over the holidays. It just a little crowded!

Hotels are not as full over the Christmas holidays as they are over Memorial Day (that is another article), so Christmas can be a good time to visit. You just have to be prepared for winter weather on some days. If there is some snow, cross country skiing tends to start up in Teller County. The Florissant Fossil Beds is a popular cross country ski destination.

It was a cold week here, with record lows overnight one night (-2 I think!), but very little snow.
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