Cold Gray Day In Colorado Springs

I could not believe my eyes when I checked my car thermometer on the way back from a listing appointment in Monument this afternoon. 41 degrees! Fahrenheit! While it has undoubtedly been colder than that before in June, I sure don’t remember it.

I finally bit the bullet, and signed up for Facebook yesterday. I have a ways to go to finish getting things set up appropriately. I’m sure many of you who are reading this are old pros with Facebook, so feel free to send me your pointers. It seems like a good place to put things that are more personal and not related to Colorado Springs living or real estate than this blog, but still very sharable. Click here to access it, and sign up to be one of my first friends on this social networking site. While you are at it, check out some of my photo albums I’ve started building. Today’s photo is from our South Africa trip last month, there is a pretty good batch now online at the Facebook site, both from South Africa and from around the Springs.

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