Colorado Ranked 4th For Well Being

I love all these surveys and studies that rank places to live. Trying to quantify such subjective stuff is really hard. But I thought this one ( by Gallup, Healthways and America’s Health Insurance Plans was an interesting one, not only because it makes Colorado look good, but it also shows our neighboring states of Utah and Wyoming as pretty good as well (Utah was actually ranked 1st, though in my visits there I can’t really see why!). The mountain west has really always had a great reputation as a place to live, especially if you are lucky enough to be able to make a living and live here at the same time, not always as easy as it sounds, especially in the current economy. The sunny skies, majestic scenery, and lack of real congestion has a kind of universal appeal. Anyway, this was just another example of the fact that sometimes, there is even data to back up the reputation!
What an interesting cold snap hit the night before last. With virtually no warning, we woke up to some very slippery roads. Thankfully the sun came out (as usual) and completely melted (and dried) the little bit of snow and ice on the roads, but it was a brisk 14 degrees this morning!
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