Colorado Springs #3 Rated City for Real Estate Recovery

It is nice when Forbes magazine recognizes your town, and it is especially nice when it is for something this good! In their rating of cities poised for recovery, we made #3 on the list. Here is a link to the actual article: Forbes.Com Recovery Article . I confirms my theory, that the worst is probably over here, and the opportunities for experiencing some appreciation have begun.
I was thinking on my morning walk today (which was a little tardy), where else in the middle of August is it still 65 degrees and sunny at 11:30 in the morning? Usually it wouldn’t even be THAT nice here, but often in the mountains it is, and it brings up another of my favorite things about Colorado Springs. The mix of clear cool air, and bright warm sunshine is about the most perfect combination you can ask for. Makes you want to hum that great John Denver song, Sunshine on My Shoulders (makes me happy…)

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