Colorado Springs Mild Winter Continues

They say that you talk about the weather when there is nothing else to talk about, but the fact is, we are having an incredibly mild winter here. There is virtually no snow in the 10 day forecast, and we are in our normally snowiest months in March and April. That is good news for golfers, but not so much for skiers.
It also isn’t great for firefighters, as the warm (60’s and even low 70’s) temps usually come with wind this time of year, making for some interesting fire danger conditions. Fort Carson had a big grass fire break out early in the week, although they seem to have it under control now. These are fairly common when they are doing live fire exercises, all those explosions mixing with dry brush tends to be a bad combination, and dry windy weather doesn’t help.
I’ve seen many people running their sprinklers already to take some of the “crunch” out of the grass. The city is planning on watering a lot less this year for budget reasons, so I’m hoping the more normal pattern of rain in the afternoon in the summer kicks in to keep the parks from getting too dry.
I’m looking forward to things greening up with the spring. It sure is nice not having to wear a coat when out showing property so early in the season!

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