Colorado Springs Schools Do Well On State Tests

The Colorado Department of Education released the results statewide CSAP (Colorado Student Assessment Program) Tests this week, and once again several of the school districts in the Colorado Springs area did pretty well. You can pour over the data provided to really get  immersed, but there is a lot there, and here is the ‘Readers Digest version’ from my own perspective.

First of all, I am biased toward focusing on 3rd grade reading scores, because that is the first level for which data is provided, and because it represents the foundation the kids will approach all of their future academics from. The following table is a summary, the figures used are taken from the article in The Gazette  August 11, 2010. The top 3 districts are pretty consistent year to year, although their scores do fluctuate. My wife the school teacher keeps reminding me that test scores are not the whole story, although her school, The Classical Academy in D20 always does well, scoring 93 on this particular measure.

2010 Colorado 3rd Grade Reading CSAP Scores for Major Colorado Springs Local School Districts
District Score      
Cheyenne Mountain D12 92      
Academy D20 86      
Lewis Palmer D38 83      
Falcon D49 76      
Fountain Ft Carson D8 71      
Colorado Springs D11 69      
Widefield D3 69      
Harrison D2 65      
Scores are percentage of students proficient or advanced. State average is 70

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