Colorado Springs Weather is Hard on Roofs

We are in the rainy season here, but rain season is also hail season, and hail is the main reason roofs get replaced in Colorado Springs. It has always been somewhat rare to see a 20 year roof here, because somewhere along the way, they get replaced due to hail damage. More roofs are being replaced lately because of a change in roofing technology. ‘T Lock’ composition roofs were the norm for many years. However, the shingles are no longer available, so we are starting to see even minor wind damage result in full roof replacement. This can be an expensive surprise in the middle of the sale process, as most insurance companies don’t want to simply ‘give’ you a new roof. They are doing ‘prorations’ for age to reduce their payouts, resulting in the seller being responsible for their regular deductible, as well the ‘depreciation’ of the roof due to age. Part of the normal home inspection process is to have the roof checked, and we are regularly asking sellers to have the roof certified to ensure the buyer is not going to get stuck with an expensive problem.
The new roofs are typically the 30 or 40 year ‘architectural grade’ composition shingles. They are generally more hail and wind resistant and look a bit nicer. As a result, we hope to see more 20 year old roofs in the future, barring some major hail storms!
This week we have very typical Colorado Springs summer weather in store, with highs in the 80s’, lows in the 50’s, and a chance of thunderstorms almost every day.
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