Colorado Springs Weather Sure Can Be Crazy!

This week I think I showed property in the coldest weather in Colorado Springs that I’ve ever worked in. For 2 straight days, I don’t think we ever got above zero, let alone into double digits. Thankfully that changed today, with our home thermometer that had dipped to -18 just 2 days ago showing 43 degrees, a 61 degree swing! Real estate is a funny business. When people have bought plane tickets to come and find a house, you just have to roll with it.

The variety of the weather is just part of the fun of living here. The sun is strong, and the weather systems tend not to stick around long, so even a ridiculously cold system like we had this week becomes just a memory fairly quickly. The snow melts off, and before long we wish it would snow again.

The other crazy thing is how different the weather is just a short distance away. The mountain ski resorts are going get tons of snow this weekend, while we will be comfortable and dry. I’ve always felt that snow is much more enjoyable if you can drive to it to play, instead of having to work in it every day.

We have a couple of adages we use in talking about our weather here.

  • There is no bad weather, only bad clothing
  • If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour (or 20 minutes sometimes!), it will change
  • If you DO like the weather, wait an hour (or 20 minutes), and it will still change
  • Dress for the weather you see, and carry the rest of your clothes in the car to put on when the weather changes
  • It is a 4 season climate – we can have all 4 seasons almost any day of the year.

So if you are thinking about making a winter house hunting trip to the Springs, bring along some warm clothes, some shoes that slip off easily so as not to track up the sellers floors, and know that this Realtor doesn’t let a little cold get between you and your house!

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