Cool Gray Break in the Summer Heat

It was over 90 a couple of days ago. It did not hit 60 yesterday. This is part of the excitement of Colorado Springs weather, it’s always changing. It also makes our weather very bearable, because it is very seldom all bad. After a rainy gray day yesterday, the sun is out (at least for the moment), and while it isn’t exactly hot out, we should see a very comfortable mid 60’s today. The rain and sun will likely arm wrestle a bit, and by tomorrow, the sun will likely have won the match. It was cool enough where I might even get a photo of fresh snow on Pikes Peak, not a very common occurrence in June.

  The grass and flowers really like these wet weekends. Things will be nice a green for bit, and maybe the cooler weather will bring back some daily thunderstorms. We really count on some rain in the afternoon here, and there are times when it just doesn’t show up. We planted some flowers just before my wife’s surgery (she was actually putting the last ones in the morning of her surgery), and other than some hail damage the other night when the front came through, they seem to be doing pretty well. Even the annuals I put in before the last frost survived and are blooming! While I have a bit of a black thumb, we are finding gardening to be somewhat fun while we are movement restricted from her surgery (a new hip will do that).

  While she was in the hospital I took a walk around the Old North End, near Penrose Main Hospital, and discovered where the REAL gardeners hang out. There are a lot of beautiful mature gardens surrounding the Old Victorians, and it made for a very pleasant walk trying to figure out what kinds of flowers I was looking at. I may do a photo piece soon on this unique area north of downtown Colorado Springs, as the architecture and landscaping really come together nicely here. Prices in this distinct neighborhood range from the high 200’s to close to a million, depending on size, condition and the specific streets.

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