Cost of Living In the Springs is Reasonable

One of the questions people often ask, is what do things cost in Colorado Springs, and how does that compare with other places? While I can’t speak for other places, I thought I’d list a couple of common expenses and what they cost here.
1. Gas – yesterday gas was $2.36 / gal at the King Soopers (Kroger) around the corner from our house
2. Milk – this has been running about the same as gas, around $2.49 / gallon
3. Rent – If you decide to rent (not recommended by this Realtor!), single family homes in reasonable areas start at around $1100, but plan to pay more like $1800 if you want the best school districts or a larger, nicer, newer home.
4. Property taxes – This varies by school district, but in general we figure on 3/4% of the market value as a planning figure. It is often less, for example I have a listing at $295,000 where the taxes are only $1600.
5. Sales Tax – 7.2% in the city of Colorado Springs, but it excludes groceries, labor etc.
6. Utilities – This depends on a lot of factors. Our own tend to average $300 / month for everything except trash service, but that is for a 4200 sf house with a hot tub. Obviously smaller, newer and no hot tub make them lower, but if you keep your house at 75 all winter or water your grass 3 times a day in the summer, it will be higher.

I voted on Thursday! It took an hour and a half to get through the line at the Chapel Hills Mall, but at least it is done now. I am so sick of political ads, pollsters, etc it will be great to have this election thing over with.

With all the money that is being thrown at the banks, you’d think mortgage rates would be at 5% or less right now, but no such luck. In fact rates have actually been rising, and are back up to 7% right now. So much for well intended programs. When the Fed will loan the banks money for 1%, it seems crazy that they turn around and charge 7% to loan it out to someone who qualifies for a mortgage.
We are still having a nice summery stretch of weather here in Colorado Springs. It is a little unusual to stay this nice this long, but you aren’t hearing any complaints! The photo above was taken in the Maroon Bells a couple of weeks ago.

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