Downtown Colorado Springs Is Great For Walking

Last week I attended the annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast at the Antlers Hilton hotel in downtown Colorado Springs. It was pretty cool to see such huge room full of people representing so many different perspectives, from real estate agents like myself to police, fire, active duty military, political leaders, presidents of local companies, etc. The speaker was a retired general whose talk I thoroughly enjoyed.
After the event, I decided to update my photo collection with some fresh shots of downtown Colorado Springs. I walked a fairly complete circuit in just under an hour, and covered just the most central portion of the downtown, from roughly Colorado Ave in the south to Monument Ave in the north, Nevada on the east, and Cascade in the west. When you are taking pictures, you tend to slow down and notice things more, and I really enjoyed checking out some of the street sculptures along Pikes Peak Ave. While I didn’t take pictures of every restaurant I came across (there are lots!), I noticed quite a few I would like to come back and try. After 20 years in the city, I still haven’t come close to checking them all out!
I thought some of these came out pretty good, please tell me what you think!

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