Dry Cool Weather to Change

We’ve had a pretty normal winter in some ways. Other than a cold start to the month, it has been pretty much in the 40’s, and very little snow, and lots of sunshine. We are finally due for another snow event on Sunday – Monday (maybe just in time for the Super Bowl?), so I’ve have to get my hiking in today. Yesterday I was able to get up to Palmer Park over the noon hour, it was pretty gorgeous, as usual. The Mesa Trail is really pretty flat, and runs around the edge of the plateau, making for a really scenic little hike. It is an ‘off leash’ area for dogs, and takes a little getting used to how many people walk their dogs up there (or maybe it’s how many dogs people have?), but the 360 degree views are stunning, and it is good exercise.

  I say pretty normal, the central mountains where most of my favorite ski resorts are located, have been hurting for some fresh powder.  They’ve gotten a little again this week, but by this time of year, the base should be in the 50 inch range, and while some resorts have it, many do not.

  This week was a little busy. I showed quite a few houses in the $350 – $450k price range. The selection is pretty good in this range, though I was surprised there weren’t more builder ‘spec homes’ available. Several had sold just recently, so this segment may be picking up a bit. Generally, homes for sale in Colorado Springs in this price range are going to have some pretty nice amenities, such as granite countertops, nice lots in good areas, and will range from 3000 to 4,500 square feet. Most of the homes we looked at were in the Monument and northern Colorado Springs areas (Briargate, Northgate), as the client was most interested in D38 and D20 schools, and larger lot sizes.

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