End of the Year 2008

Today was too nice a day not to get some outdoor stuff done, so I got my hot tub drained and cleaned this morning. Mid 50’s, sunny, you can’t beat it! I’d take down my Christmas lights too, but I have a thing about taking them down too early, it just does not seem right. I hate for Christmas to be over, when you get right down to it!
This was not a great year by some measures. Colorado Springs real estate sales, which is how I make my living, were down significantly. The line between making a living and not making a living can get a little blurry in these times! My mother in law’s health problems have been an interesting new season for us. And I lost my own dad at New Years last year, so the year started with a pretty major funeral in our family history. And the Broncos and the Rockies both missed the playoffs (ok, not that big a deal).
But even a tough year had some nice silver linings. My 2 oldest sons completed some important educational milestones this year. Our newest granddaughter, Ashley was born. We have all been pretty healthy. We have survived the toughest year economically that I can remember. Heck, I even got a Wii for Christmas! Life is good in Colorado Springs 🙂

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