First Frost About to Happen

Aspens Near Cripple Creek, CO

We’re about to see our first frost here in Colorado Springs. The cold front coming in tomorrow will start the annual progression toward colder weather. It’s about on schedule, not too early or too late. The vegetable gardens are about done anyway, although I really wish my tomatoes would ripen before this happens! I’ll probably pick them green and hope they ripen on a window sill.
We’ll start seeing the temperatures bounce around more from here on in, and with each new cold front, they recover less and less. Which is why you might see me out walking today. Upper 70’s is still possible, but less and less likely going forward. Fall is a special time of year along the Front Range. The warm sunny days and cool nights give everything a little extra sparkle. Before long, snow will add some sparkle of its own! We usually have our first real snow event before Halloween (often ON Halloween!). One thing you can say about fall weather in Colorado – it’s always interesting.

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