Free Money?

The Fed’s surprise decision to lower rates by 3/4 instead of 1/2 a point yesterday makes the cost of money for banks darn near free. So how do I get me some of that action? 🙂 It shows how serious they think the economic problems are, and that is good, because they are serious. Unemployment here in Colorado Springs is close to the national average at the moment, but may be rising with the newly announced layoffs at Atmel.
The ski season technically started over a month ago, but the mountains are finally getting a good series of storms, just in time for the holidays. The weather in the mountains is very different than it is here on the plains, despite the fact that Pikes Peak (at 14,110 ft) is so close. We often have sunny, breezy weather here when it it is dumping at the resorts 2 hours drive away (they expect 1-2 feet in the next 48 hours). It makes for a nice thing, in that we don’t drive around in a lot of snow, but we can get to it fairly quickly when the mood strikes. Christmas Day looks like it will not be white, currently forecast for a high of 48 degrees and partly sunny. These things change quite a bit, so I’m not banking on THAT one yet, but since we hardly EVER have snow on Christmas, it isn’t too far fetched.

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