Do You Have Fitness Goals This Year?

By: Mary Barkley, Buyer Specialist and avid Orange Theory enthusiast

Fact:  About 90% of people who start out at a fitness facility in January will quit after a few weeks.   That’s alarming!

It’s hard enough to keep a regular fitness routine on a good day, let alone through the holidays.  Don’t wait to start your routine after the holidays. Start your goals now! In order to stay with any routine you need to enjoy the activity you are participating in.  For example, if you don’t have a passion for boxing then don’t sign up for a membership at a boxing facility. Once you have narrowed down what activities you like, do some research as to where you can participate in the activities on a regular basis.  Some people really need classes in a fitness facility to stay motivated. There are a lot of facilities that offer classes days, evenings, every day of the week. Some people don’t like the atmosphere of a fitness center. There are many options out there to include walking and hiking on numerous trails.

The Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center is home to Olympic hopefuls in various sport disciplines. Colorado prides itself on being one of the healthiest cities in the nation year after year.   Colorado winters are very mild and on any given week you can be outside exercising while enjoying the great scenery. Finding a friend to go with can really help you stay focused and meet your fitness goals.  Partnering with someone will keep you accountable.

Fitness centers vary in price – anywhere from approximately $15 to $150 per month.  If you are fortunate to have access to any of the five military installations, there is no cost! If you are trying to find a fitness facility that works for you, here are just a few of the many options in Colorado Springs:

A quote that helps me stay motivated in my fitness routine and one that can work for any facet or our lives is this:

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”  Fred Devito

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