Ground Hog’s Day

No, Ground Hog’s day is not really a big deal here in Colorado Springs. Generally, he would always see his shadow here, because we get so much sunny weather. January and February are our driest months, with plenty of sun. This week is no exception, and we are now looking at some warm temps as well, with highs around 60 for a chunk of the week. While we could use some more snow, you won’t find me complaining, this is so much better for showing property! Our snowiest months are March and April, I’m sure we’ll see some more by then.
While it feels very busy, and the model home sites seem to be seeing an uptick in traffic, January statistics are likely going to show home sales down another 20+% from last January, and prices will take another hit, down 12-15%. Part of the problem seems to be the nature of the closing cycle, some of our higher end sales are under contract but not yet closed, and many January closings were written in December. February should be much better. We’ve had some very low interest rates for the last few weeks (although heading up a little), and the lending system has had a bit of rush to keep up.
That was quite a Super Bowl yesterday. I managed to see most of it after showing property all day and writing a contract, and unlike some years, this one was a great game no matter who you were rooting for.

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