Halloween Snow a Tradition in Colorado Springs

It look like Colorado Springs is going to miss it’s annual Halloween snow storm this year. It is one of the more predictable weather events here. Moreover, it looks like we may even be back in the 70’s for most of the week, which is even more rare. Don’t get me wrong, it is very pleasant to have blue skies, warm temps, and some color still in some of the trees. And while snow season is eagerly awaited in the high country, down here we like to have dry roads to get around on. One of the things we noticed when we first moved here is that the churches and the malls tend to have a lot of indoor activities to compensate for the sometime chilly and snowy weather we get at Halloween. Some of these events may be less well attended this year, and I suspect the door bell to be ringing pretty steady, and the stores will run out of candy, as it is just going to be really nice out!
The new home statistics that came out this week show a continuing brighter picture, although it is still not great. Many of our builders are offering some nice year end incentives to close by 12/31. Once the election is over, it appears to me that we’ll have a pickup in activity, as people will get back to living their lives and not worrying about “what if”.

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