Home Values vs. School District Scores

We recently went through to update test scores and home values for Colorado Springs for the 2018 year. It was no surprise to see the positive correlation between home values and ELA (English Language Arts) test scores for 3rd graders. As home values go up by district, so do the test scores (in most cases). Granted, test scores are by no means an overall reflection of a child’s ability or the school, but test scores can give some insight as to which schools are performing the best.

For example, Cheyenne Mountain D12 district sees both the highest average home price and highest average for ELA scores (3rd graders that approached, met, or exceeded expectations).

While the home values of Harrison D2 district seem to be on the lower side, and the test scores are lower than other districts, they still do not have the lowest overall score average. Colorado Springs D11 currently has the lowest test score average of all the districts at 60.6%, even though it is about mid price range for homes.

Either way, it is important to note that ultimately you get what you pay for when it comes to both housing and education. To obtain a little better education, you may have to spend a little more. On the bright side, Colorado is a choice state when it comes to education so your child does not necessarily have to go to their assigned neighborhood school. In addition, the Springs has a plethora of charter schools to choose from in each district that may match your needs even better!

To see the tests scores for the state of Colorado and by district, click here!

Here is a brief summary:

Colorado Springs School Districts – Home Prices vs Test Scores

2018 Avg Home Price 2018 3rd Grade reading ELAs (Approached, Met, or Exceeds Expectation)
Cheyenne Mountain D12 $532,575 85.3%
Lewis Palmer D38 $523,794 79.4%
Academy D20 $424,362 80.9%
Falcon D49 $319,900 69.0%
Fountain Fort Carson D8 $263,230 67.1%
Colorado Springs D11 $287,549 60.6%
Widefield D3 $271,147 65.9%
Harrison D2 $223,609 64.7%

updated 10/4/2018

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