Housing Numbers Improve in Colorado Springs – Again!

For the 2nd month in a row, housing sales in Colorado Springs are up over last year. The July preliminary numbers show sales up a huge 6.8% over last July. While prices are still down from last year, they have increased every month since January, and continued that trend in July, with the average up to $231,457 and the median up to $199,500. That is a jump in prices of 16.5% since January! The 1st Time Homebuyer Tax Credit is starting to do some good here, along of course with some positive news on the job front locally, including new troop arrivals at Ft Carson and the new call center jobs on the west side. Is the recession over? Not sure about that, but it’s sure getting better! Details are available from the Sales Trends link on the blog menu.
No that photo was not taken today, it was about a month ago, but reminds me of how the long the Peak held it’s snow this year. It is, alas, bare of any snow now for about a month or so, until the fall starts.

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