John Suthers Speaks About Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs’ Mayor, John Suthers, spoke at our RE/MAX Properties, Inc. sales rally last month! He had a lot of positive things to say about Colorado Springs! I just wanted to give you an overview of what has been accomplished during the last 3 years, and what is to come for the Springs!

John Suthers Colorado SpringsAccording to the Mayor, when he took office, the Springs was facing three major challenges:

  1. Creating a collaborative political environment
  2. Securing investments for public infrastructure
  3. Promoting job creation and wage growth

During the past 3 years:

  • We have paved over 700 miles of major roads
  • We now have one of the best storm water programs in CO
  • We have eliminated the business personal property tax (barrier to attracting new businesses in the Springs)
  • 28,000 new jobs
    • 1600 RN openings
    • 1,000 software engineering openings
    • 850 systems engineering openings
    • 1,000 cyber security openings
  • $1 billion spent in new healthcare infrastructure
  • 1 of 5 major cyber security hubs in the US
  • We have branded Colorado Springs as the official Olympic City in the USA
  • Now have 4,000 jobs in sports and home to largest Olympic Training Center in USA
  • We have the fastest growing millennial population

According to the Mayor, though, we still have some work to be done:

  • More infrastructure
  • Need to pave residential streets as well
  • More job creation
  • Need to attract more millennials to take jobs in cyber security and software engineering

New projects being worked on:

  • Pikes Peak Summit House
  • Cog Railway
  • Downtown Stadium/Arena
  • Transformation of airport and business park

Other important goals:

  • Affordable Housing & Homelessness Issue
  • Have already added over 370 shelter beds
  • Adding a new Springs Rescue Mission Campus
  • Better Traffic Safety and Public Safety
  • Adding more employees to the Police and Fire Departments

How do you think the city of Colorado Springs is doing? What would you like to see improved? What do you think we are lacking?

Olympic Training Center

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