Labor Day Balloon Festival a Feast for the Eye

One of the highlights of Colorado Springs community calendar is the annual Labor Day balloon festival. While we did not make it to this years Colorado Balloon Classic, it is such colorful event, and so memorable, I couldn’t help but bring out some photos of the 2008 event that I attended with my grandson Tyler.
The festival is divided into a couple of different events. The morning launch is the one that fascinates me the most, as it is so amazing to see almost 100 balloons in the air at a time, it is almost visually overwhelming. The other is the evening ‘balloon glow’, where the tethered balloons all fire up in the dark, creating an amazing affect. After the morning launch, there is still a festival atmosphere at Memorial Park, where the launch takes place, and the food and souvenirs are almost as interesting as the event sometimes!
We’ve gone many times over the years, and every time (well, almost every time) we have a blast. Occasionally, the weather gets in the way, and wind problems keep them from launching. But it really is worth the risk of getting up too early only to find they could not launch. After all, how often can you really see such a thing, except for once a year in Colorado Springs?

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