Living – and Dying in Colorado Springs

Some of our best friends lost their son this past week, in a tragic motorcycle accident. When we moved here in 1991, they actually took vacation time to help us drive the trucks out. 4 years later, they had joined us here, along with many other families from our old church in San Jose, California. They are the kind of friends we all dream of having, people who have been there, and who we’ve been with, through thick and thin.
We all made a new life here in Colorado Springs. Our kids were little and close in age, and they grew up together, sort of. Sometimes our kids don’t all take the same road. At 23, he became the first of our ‘extended family’ here to leave this life. What happened could have happened anywhere. But I was struck by how our friends were so surrounded by family, friends, acquaintances, lives they had touched. Almost 400 people attended the service at the World Prayer Center at New Life Church, that come together so quickly, word had barely gotten out.
Over the next days, weeks and months, there will be a lot of tears shed, hugs shared, and healing done. I’m grateful we’ll be doing it together.

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