Lots of Luxury Homes for Sale in the Springs

We have LOTS of luxury homes for sale right now in Colorado Springs. Yesterday was our tour of luxury homes for the south end of town. Our office’s Luxury Home Professional designation requires us to attend a monthly tour, and there were some beauties this time!

My favorites were of course the most expensive, after all, what is not to like about a $2.5 million home? Here is a link to the homes we viewed: RE/MAX Properties Luxury Home Tour
These homes are all in the Southwest area of town, which is often locally referred to as the Broadmoor area, named for the The Broadmoor, our only 5 star rated hotel and resort, and home of this years Senior PGA Open. Check out the link, they have some gorgeous photos on this site that really set the stage for what this area is like.
Technically the southwest area falls into 3 school districts, but the main portion of the area, and the one I am going to talk about today is the portion that is School District 12 (Cheyenne Mountain). It consistently has the highest test scores of the entire area. There are actually lots of sub areas to this section of town, including the flat, large lot (and large home!) areas near the resort itself (Old Broadmoor), newer hillside homes in the Broadmoor Bluffs, the Skyway area (upper and lower), gated areas such as Stratton Preserve, etc.
The foot hill setting, plentiful wildlife (there was even a bear on the course for the TV cameras this summer at the Open), and aristocratic feel make this area a special place. Some of the best (and most beautiful) parks in Colorado Springs are in this area, including Bear Creek Park, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, and Cheyenne Canyon. This area features some of the best hiking and mountain biking in the city as well.
A cold front came through last night, and we went from sunny sixties to overcast 30’s with some freezing frizzle.

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