New Jobs Are Always Welcome in Colorado Springs

Recently the Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation (EDC) had a little mis-step when a company was announced as a new employer, only to discover they were in big trouble in their home state. The company closed its doors instead of coming here, which is probably better than closing its doors after coming here, but it helps illustrate a point. Colorado Springs loves new jobs.

This week’s news was a little brighter on the job front, with the announcement that Everest College is moving into the old Intel building on Garden of the Gods, and plans to go from 60 to 600 employees in Colorado Springs over the next several years. The west side has been needing some new employment opportunities ever since the demise of MCI-Worldcom, and after that the shuttering of the Intel facility. ACS (Affiliated Computer Services) has taken up some of the slack in the past year, but more jobs are needed. While these will probably not be the kind of high tech jobs everyone would like, an online college is a step in the right direction, and with unemployment getting closer and closer to 9%, jobs are jobs.

The Everest College employees are getting to work in a great spot on the west side of Colorado Springs. In addition to being in a beautiful newer building, there are great walking and biking trails nearby, lots of places to go for lunch, plentiful housing (homes for sale walking distance from the office start in the low 200’s), and only minutes from a picnic lunch in Garden of the Gods itself.

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