Pikes Peak View Isn’t the Only One in Colorado Springs

Many of our newcomers ask for their house to back to the mountains, and you have probably noticed from prior photos that I’ve posted, that there is a lot to see when you do. Today however I thought I’d talk about facing the mountains instead of backing to them. There are always advantages and disadvantages, but this afternoon’s sky reminded me of a big advantage to back to the east, not the west. It’s the Colorado sky. Don’t get me wrong, I love the mountain view, but in the summer, when the thunderstorms are starting to kick a little, watching them drift off to the east, and put up a fireworks show you can see 100 miles away, is just spellbinding. This shot I just took, around 4:30 or so, and shows off just a little of the view of the sun on clouds on the back side of a thunderstorm.
Another advantage to backing to the east is the afternoon sun. When we get into a warmer pattern (it was low 70’s again today, perfect!), the late afternoon sun can really bake you on your back deck if you back to the west. Turning it around gives you a nice shady outdoor area for afternoon and evenings. Moreover, it creates some warmth in the morning, so after a night in the 50’s, it can be a pleasant place to have an outdoor cup of coffee in the morning.
Obviously the direction the house faces is only one element of selecting a house. The fact is, that only about 25% of our homes will back to the west, no matter how much we’d like it to be otherwise!
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