Preparing for a Career-Driven Move

Moving for your career is an exciting change. Living Colorado Springs shares some
strategies that will set you up for a successful move and let you avoid pitfalls like forgotten
tasks, missed real-estate opportunities, and broken items. 

Choosing a Location

While you’re doing preliminary research on where to move to, an online home-value
estimator can be quite useful. For instance, you might use an estimator tool to scope out
average prices in desirable areas.

For a more detailed, accurate appraisal later in the process, though, you’ll want to work
with a professional appraiser. A home’s appraisal value will depend on square footage,
location, and other factors.

Another strong move is to seek preapproval for a mortgage. To sellers, preapproval is a
positive signal about your ability to obtain the funds necessary to purchase a home. Getting
preapproved may take some time, so approach lenders early in the process.

People to Contact for Help

Aside from lenders, it’ll be very helpful to contact various other professionals. Be sure to
get in touch with the following people early in the process.

• Movers A good moving company will have experience moving items safely and
efficiently. To identify a strong fit, verify candidates’ licenses and insurance coverage,
get written estimates, and be proactive about asking questions.

Human resources departments Whether you’re changing roles within the same
company or shifting to a new employer, it’s important to contact the relevant human
resources professionals about relocation requirements as well as onboarding and
departure procedures, if applicable. You should also ask about relocation benefits
You may also need to produce new copies of your resume or revise it completely, so
consider using a resume builder to help make this easier.

Real estate agent Because of their industry expertise, real estate agents are valuable
for both selling your old home and buying your new one. To find a real estate agent,
start by asking around for referrals and performing research online. (Or give us a call!)


Packing is, of course, a core aspect of moving. These tips will expedite your packing process
and protect your belongings.

  • Declutter. If you donate or sell items you’re not using anymore, you’ll have less stuff
    to worry about moving.
  • Make an inventory of your items. This can help for tracking and insurance purposes,
    especially if you take photos of valuable items.
  • Check with your mover about prohibited items. They may not take potentially
    dangerous items such as pesticides, for instance.
  • Invest in boxes. Small, medium, and large standard boxes all have their uses, and you
    may find special-purpose options like wardrobe boxes useful too.
    Pad fragile items. A bit of care will prevent you from having to replace broken

Practice Self-Care

While you’re taking care of your move’s details, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Eating
and sleeping well are important, but so is keeping up with exercise and relaxing hobbies.
Consider packing items you need for self-care — like exercise mats or hobby supplies —
later in the process so you can use them for as long as possible.

Opening a New Phase in Life

Combining a positive career change with relocation will make for an exciting time in your
life. Carefully planning and executing your move can help you get there smoothly.

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Guest blog article by: Tina Martin,

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