Pulpit Rock Park Is A Hidden Gem in Plain Sight

When you drive I25 in Colorado Springs, Pulpit Rock is a very clear and distinguishing landmark near where the new Costco is on North Nevada. What isn’t so obvious, is that it is actually part of a gorgeous (though pretty much undeveloped) park. The trailhead is actually pretty hard to find, on a frontage road right where Nevada merges onto the interstate heading north, not exactly where you’d expect it, and you can’t backtrack to it easily if you miss it. The reward is some pretty lightly travelled trails, magnificent vistas, breathtaking scenery, and the satisfaction of climbing to the top a pretty amazing rock formation. This is a great hiking and mountain biking place. You feel like the world (or at least Colorado Springs) is really at your feet from the top. Residents of the University Park, Erindale, Pulpit Rock and to a certain extent Garden Ranch subdivisions have the added benefit of being able to walk in from the north and east side of the park through neighborhood access points. UCCS (University of Colorado Colorado Springs) also borders the park.

  I took a little exercise break yesterday afternoon (how much time can you spend in front of a computer at a time without going crazy?), and took these shots in the middle of the afternoon. I pretty much had the place to myself. It was a little cool (upper 30’s?) and sunny, but I was pretty warm once I started walking and climbing.

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