Real Estate Statistics in Colorado Springs June 2020

Real Estate Statistics in Colorado Springs June 2020 came roaring back from a less than stellar, COVID shadowed May. We had record average price, record median price, and record low inventory for a July 1st of only 1478 homes for sale. Our supply of homes is than a 1 month supply, also a record. Pending sales, while not a record, were in the top 3 all time highs. We sold 1,684 homes in June, also in the top 3 all time highs.

Could it be better? If we had more homes to sell, it would easily be even better, but these are pretty great numbers. While we have not quite caught up to last year YTD, we are close, (within 6.5% of it) and may catch up next month with this many pending sales.

The average price is up over 7.5% at $401,981. The median price is up over 8.7% at $360,000. We only have a 0.88 month supply of homes, or roughly 26 days!

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