Recession Over in Colorado Springs?

The Colorado Springs Business Journal published an article last week that I really liked, indicating that the recession is finally over in Colorado Springs. (See CSBJ Article) The main source of the information was Fred Crowley, a highly respected economist at UCCS, and I believe him based on all the data I can see. But if a recession is like a surgery or a serious illness, that fact is that this is pretty analogous to the surgeon coming in and saying the patient survived, and the surgery was a success. They aren’t going home anytime soon however, because after the recovery room, they will in the hospital for while, and then there is the physical therapy… We are having lunch today with a good friend who had her hip replaced in June. She is doing really well, but is still using a walker or crutches when covering any distance. I’m guessing our local economy will be limping for quite a while before we can start singing ‘Happy Days are Here Again’, even though the contraction is pretty much over.
We visited some of the Parade of Homes sites yesterday. I don’t go every year (I see a lot of the homes with clients without the crowds anyway), but my wife really enjoys it, and I was actually most impressed with a home that was on last years parade, and was open even though not part of this year’s event. The builder is Copperleaf Homes, and house is their model in Flying Horse Ranch, offered for only $1.3 million. The other one I really liked was the model entered by Colorado Custom Homes at Flying Horse. The house had a huge basement ‘sports bar’ with 8 or 9 televisions and a ‘score crawler’ on the wall! It was fun. For more information on this year’s Parade, visit Colorado Springs 2009 Parade Of Home Information
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