September 11 Remembered at Fort Carson

Today, on the eve of the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, I visited Fort Carson. After living in Colorado Springs for 19 years and having only been on base once (that I can recall), it seemed about time.
The photos below were all taken at the entrance to the base off of Hwy 115 (Gate 1), where the Kit Carson Memorial Park is located. I had not realized that this was also where Fort Carson keeps a portion of the World Trade Center as a reminder, and that they have a memorial to the fallen soldiers in the war on terror there as well.
Our son was stationed at Ft Carson for about 18 months, and after visiting the post, I wished I had done it while he was still serving. He liked hanging around home so much, I don’t recall ever getting a chance!
With 30,000 soldiers attached to Fort Carson, it is a very important base, both economically as well as militarily. Many of these troops are still deployed, and we seem to get daily or weekly news stories of heroism and sacrifice associated with troops based at Fort Carson. Hopefully as our Iraq presence winds down and our commitment to Afghanistan becomes less demanding on our troop, many of these brave men and women will be coming home to Colorado Springs and Fort Carson, whose motto on the welcome sign at the gate says :

“Best Hometown in the Army, Home of America’s Best”.

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