Snow Day!

Our 3rd snow event of the 2011 Colorado Springs snow season finally closed some schools. Districts 20, 38 and 49 all closed, although Colorado Springs School District 11 was only on a 2 hour delay. Since my wife is a teacher, we kind of like these. Thankfully as a Realtor, I don’t have any urgent reason to leave home today. The 2 foot drift across my driveway really isn’t going to want me to leave anyway 🙂
Snow days are great times to give the fireplace a workout, enjoy a little conversation we don’t always have time for, listen to some good music, and otherwise relax (until it is time to shovel anyway 🙂 . This particular storm looks like maybe 8″ of snow here in Monument, but the wind has definitely caused things to drift a bit, so there are bare spots mixed with some nasty looking piles. Each succeeding storm seems to be colder, so I’m thinking winter is really trying to get here. The Colorado ski industry really likes it when the Front Range gets snow, because it gets people fired up to go skiing again. I know it does for me!

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