Snow Day in Colorado Springs – 1st of 2011

We had our first snow day of 2011 today in Colorado Springs. It really doesn’t seem like much fell here, but schools were closed, not just a late start, so the roads must be pretty slick. It dropped from the low 30’s yesterday yesterday to single digits, and we are looking at 10 below zero tonight, so it is COLD! It also seems to have hit on the south end of town a little more than normal, which is not as common. The northeast part of the city had about 3 inches, the southwest more like 8. Late starts are usually called if they just need a little more time to clear the roads, but a full cancellation means it may take the whole day before bus routes are really safe.

Since my wife is a school teacher in Academy D20, we like it best when they call these the night before. Unfortunately, especially for her, often they don’t tell us until 5 am or so. It has to be a pretty major storm, and already underway, for them to call school off the night before, but we always hope 🙂

My daughter is a CNA, and snow days are hard for her, since a.) they never cancel her shift and b.) when school is cancelled, she has a major day care problem with our grandkids. Today, she was able to drop them off with us, so we get to spend the day with our grandkids, a nice bonus treat to a snow day!

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