Wildlife Is Still A Highlight of Colorado Springs

When we moved here with our kids 21 years ago, one of the big attractions for us was that Colorado Springs is still a place where the wild things roam. I haven’t seen a bear in a while (though I have seen them, and one was just relocated from Cottonwood Creek last week!), but we regularly see deer, foxes, and beautiful birds such as the mountain bluebird. When venturing out a little further we’ve seen mountain goats and big horn sheep too. I’ve seen photos from people who have seen mountain lions and bobcats too, thought I personally have not had that privilege.

Yesterday I was leaving the house to take a walk when my son came home, and mentioned a mother fox and a baby were out playing just around the corner from our house. I changed my route slightly, and ended up with this great 2 minute video of a mother fox and 5 babies playing.

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