A Better Year in Colorado Springs

Low interest rates promise to make this a better year for Colorado Springs real estate. While we don’t know how low or for how long, the current rates are around 5%, which is unbelievably great. Add that to the great selection and prices we currently have, this will definitely be a better year. Yesterday we were out at the model homes in Cordera, and I was blown away by the price reductions the builders have done to make things move.

I usually have a camera in the car, and yesterday on the way back to my office, I saw a fox run across the road in front of me into a vacant field next to the Focus on the Family campus in Briargate. He (or she?) was going too fast to get anything very close up, but I kind of liked this shot with the Garden of the Gods in the very distant background. It was such a beautiful warm day (sunny and 60), I’m sure he was out jogging with everyone else in town!

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