Back To "Normal"

The holidays are officially over – our last house guests left yesterday morning. It has been a busy beginning to the new year, and it was kind of nice to just “chill” a little yesterday after church, including a nice Indian lunch with our daughter before her going to back to college for the new semester.
The NFL playoffs were kind of weird, only 1 in 4 home teams won despite generally being heavily favored. It shows once again that on any given Sunday… Our big news of course is that the Broncos signed Josh McDaniels as their new head coach. I am still not 100% convinced that firing Mike Shanahan was the answer to their problems to begin with (they never asked me:-), so we’ll see. Any one of either a decent kicker, some healthy running backs, or some healthy and fired up players on defense would probably have gotten the job done this year (to at least have made the playoffs), but I guess you could fairly lay all of that on the coach.
The Golden Globes were kind of lame last night, and I have decided that I just won’t watch such things again. They add an hour of commercials into what is really 30 minutes of content plus another 30 minutes of bad humor and other filler, I would have enjoyed playing with our new Wii a lot more.
We woke up to 2 or 3 inches of fresh snow this morning. It was sunny and cold yesterday, and we had not really expected either the snow, or the fact that they did not delay school for it. They (correctly) assumed it would clear out quickly and quit snowing, and it did, although I suspect my wife will be going nuts with her classroom full of kindergartners all stuck inside for recess.

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